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About Me

Aspire to Imagine

Well Art has been a huge part of my life. There was times where I wasn't doing a lot of designing but I was always doing things that involved creativity and expression. In high school I was really into Skateboarding. I also had a small phase where I was learning how to break dance. I have messed with poetry so might be posting some poems publicly. So the point is I hope to continue fueling my creativity and continue exercising my imagination since it makes me happy. To be connected to a group of people just by sharing the same medium. To be connected to the medium itself by trying to hone it. It's a struggle to maintain a positive mindset to continue working on art. Sometimes it feels pointless and like a waste of time. But it's very valuable because it's one of those things that nurtures you back when you put time into it. So with that being said one of the hurdles that is hard to overcome is that real life is expensive and sometimes it's too draining to maintain a job to accommodate it. So I am trying my hardest to have my art help me in this field. So if you'd like to support me check out my Etsy shop so I could continue creating.

I do have a YouTube Channel where I upload Speed Arts, Tutorials, Game Videos, and what ever else comes to mind. I make tutorials to help give beginners get a better footing when it comes to art and Photoshop. I also like to make Speed Arts since I enjoy seeing other Artist and their process and it's just me recording what I am doing normally. I also enjoy to play video games so I upload some stuff related to what I am into at the moment. Some projects I plan to do in the future is to make short videos about some artist I admire and would like to get recognized. So go check it out if you haven't already!

I sell some of my services online at I sell illustrations, icon designs, album covers, photo manipulation, business cards, promotional banners/flyers, fightstick/arcadestick artwork, and more! If you'd like to purchase one of my services to support me go check out my shop!